Unlimited flexibility

With over 30 years of manufacturing and application technology experience we have one of the largest and most effective manufacturing capacities in Europe.

Wide application

Our products can be applied in all places where a high level of elasticity, non-slippery and shock-absorbing capability, water-permeability and weatherproof capability as well as easy repair and maintenance-free features are important considerations in the choice of floor covering.

A green company

Our company’s main activity greatly contributes to the protection of our environment, to facilitate a livable future and sustainable development.

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience

The flexible covering systems of GRANUFLEX® products are designed, manufactured and installed by GRANUFLEX Kft – thereby we provide comprehensive services to our clients.

Quality above all

The Granuflex® company group was among the first in Europe to request accredited qualification for shock-absorbing covering tiles. The accreditation was issued by the Otto-Graf Institute of Stuttgart in 1990 according to the DIN 18 032 standard. Since that time we have obtained TÜV certificates for several of our products according to the EN 1177 standard. The Quality Assurance System of GRANUFLEX Kft obtained the certificate according to ISO 9001 in 1994. Our manufacturing and quality assurance technologies are regularly audited by TÜV auditing institute.

We care about the environment

Strategy 95%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Development 90%
Professional Recycling

The GRANUFLEX® company group covers the entire process of tire recycling and integrates it into a single system. Our company collects used tires that are accumulated in huge quantities and processes them 100%. From this we produce granules of various sizes and other industrial raw materials. By using these materials we create environmentally friendly products, safe playgrounds and sports fields.









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