GRANUFLEX® shock absorbing safety tiles and elastic rubber tiles as well as the complete covering system are excellently applicable to:
● Fall protection covering for playgrounds, kindergartens, playground equipment,
● Flexible coverings for play premises and sports yards of schools, homes for disabled persons,
● Non-slippery, flexible, accident protective covering for walkways around indoor and outdoor swimming pools,
● Elastic rubber tiles for decorative coverings of terraces , walkways, garden paths,
● Indoors, exclusive, noise absorbing, warm covering on floors, walls and stairways for gyms, relaxation rooms.

Our products can be applied in all places where a high level of elasticity, non-slippery and shock-absorbing capability, water-permeability and weatherproof capability as well as easy repair and maintenance-free features are important considerations in the choice of floor covering.

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The fundamental philosophy of Granuflex is providing excellent quality product. The most important requirement is client satisfaction.

The great advantage of shock-absorbing coverings is that they have the capacity to absorb kinetic energy – thereby ensuring the undisturbed joy of playing, in an environment that is as safe as possible.

The basic type is a two-layer rubber tile manufactured of a mixture of recycled rubber granules and buffings with polyurethane binders. On all 4 sides of the tiles 2 holes each (in the case of 100 x 100 cm tiles 4 holes on each side) are formed during production (except FS-30 tiles – no holes!).
The reinforced material composition of the top, colored layer of the tile provides extraordinary abrasion resistance, while the bottom black layer ensures the tile’s outstanding flexibility and shock absorbing capability. The upper edges of the tile are rounded, its bottom surface is structured to ensure higher shock absorption and proper water drainage.

With the new structure bottom design we achieved higher level shock-absorption with identical thickness as the basic FS type. The increasing of the number of connecting tubes ensures higher level stability in the laid tiles and provides compatibility with the previous type tiles.

The holes necessary for the connecting tubes are located on the two parallel sides of the tiles, thus the tile can be fixed with 2 x 6 or 2 x 2 connecting pins.
For the purpose of developing an even more diverse and colorful spectrum of playground coverings, beside the increased connecting tube number, shock-absorbing rubber tiles are also manufactured in a new 50 x 100 cm size, up to FSN-60 thickness (FSN-30 to 60), without a visual separating groove in the center, which even by itself or combined with 50 x 50 cm tiles offers limitless variations.
The material and laying technology of FSN tiles is identical with the FS type tiles.

We primarily recommend it for fitness purposes, since because of its vibration and noise absorbing effect it absorbs the kinetic energy of fitness training motions, thereby facilitating the athlete’s activity and undisturbed recreation.

On top of the pleasant environment, it also ensures the protection of ankle and knee joints as a result of the elasticity of the surface.
The ES type is a one-layer, one-color rubber tile manufactured of the same granule structure. It is made in two sizes – 50 x 50 cm and 100 x 100 cm. On top of the standard colors the diverse appearance of the tiles is provided by its availability with EPDM marble pattern version. The basic type tile is available with the “quilt” bottom design as well as the special, flat bottom.